Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kaye England Lecture

Alice and I went to a Kaye England lecture and trunk show Monday at a Newport News, VA quilt shop. We had a blast! Kaye is such a fun and down to earth lady! If she is ever near you for a class or lecture you really must go! You will not regret it at all!

 Was hard to get many good pics as she is never still! Full of fun and information we took notes! Those are not her quilts behind here. They are from a class that the shop offers in the huge class room there.
 This is one of Kaye England's quilts in the trunk show. Alice loves this so bought the pattern to do up in her colors! Alice also won a door prize of some fat qts of Kaye's newest fabric line!!!!
This is one of my favs and so bought the pattern, called Betsy Ross! It is from Kaye's Voices of the Past Collection. I also bought one from her Signature Scraps Collection called  Burgoyne Surrounded.

Alice and I also popped into a local Re Store and Tuesday Morning. Yes we found  stuff we had to have! Some came home with us and some did not!;-)

Still busy here getting house back into some kind of order. We have been given more treasures from DH's Grandmother and his Aunt. So needed to try to make it all fit some how!

Went fabric shopping with my sweet niece D for her living room and dining room windows. Sew...will be sewing those up next week, I hope. Then I must get on the needle with some smallish Christmas gifts!

The new knee is still not as it should be.. but slowly it will get there so I am told! Just not a real patient person!

Been some wonderful coolish days here! Very Fallish! Love those!
Today we are a tad on the warm side. Calling for a chance of storms/rain every day through Monday.
That is okay as long as we are not rained out everyday or flooded!

So reckon best get back to it . Lots to do for  a busy weekend here!!!


  1. Ok--what fun you had and without me!!!
    Oh well--at least you take the time to share it all with the rest of us--and Alice has promised some photos too!!!!
    I like both of your picks for the quilt patterns--have fun with them!!!
    Hugs, Di and that silly cat!!!!

  2. I love trunk shows way more than classes, you can get so much listening to the artist and seeing their works. I can't help but come out of the show with an idea or two!

    Hoping your knee issue gets better. I think it's more a matter of patience? Bug hugs from the chilly PNW.

  3. We are going to be heck on wheels when that knee gets all better. Watch out stores here we come. I need to get to get busy sewing with all this new stuff. Go Go Go!!!!!

  4. I've never been to a trunk show, and am intrigued! It sounds so fun!
    I know some that have had knee replacements, and it does take time to heal and get used to. It'll come, and when it does, watch out world!


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