Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is it Fall yet???

Must be, as our temps have cooled way down with beautiful 'Fallish' days this week!
Loving it!!! AC off and windows open!!

Been busy here. Working on a quilt to hang in living room. A peek above.
I was inspired by a quilt I saw online. So decided to make my own version!
So far so good. I only need to put binding on and  then will share a pic of it finished!

I am also quilting my Cotton Boll runner. Can read about  that here.
Need to get it finished as we have a new "old" buffet in dining room to put it on!
Will share that and another antique from DH's grandparents in a later post.
Right now it is all a mess!
I decide to move things around to best accommodate the large buffet.
So ya know that led to this then that...etc!
Will be painting above chair rail too!

Was a fun day Sunday with son, his wife and niece being our helpers!
I sure miss the days if I decided to move stuff around could just do it!
Oh well all is good as we got to spend time with those we adore!

So reckon I need to get back to my chores and then a can of black paint I have waiting on me by hearth!


  1. It's fall here also, Lola, and I'm loving it! I can actually go outside and breathe fresh air without being suffocated. I can't wait to see your finished projects, and I have no idea what a cotton boll is so very curious! Thank God for family huh? There is an upside to every downside isn't there!?

    1. Laurie I added a link to the blog post about my Cotton Boll quilt runner.

  2. The chill in the weather is announcing autumn... Soon it will be upon us. Tea weather! Can't wait to see your runner!

  3. Yes, the shorter days and cooler weather is a sure sign of fall's arrival.

  4. and it's Spring here... enjoying longer warmer days...
    Love the sneak peek of your Fall Hanging.

  5. Sure is getting cooler around my neck of the woods too.

  6. I think that Fall is wanting to show it's face too--cooler here too---just wished 'my' air was fresh smelling!!!( remember that the village sewer plant is in our back yard--and for some reason this past 30 days has been----????)
    Have fun with the projects--
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  7. I enjoyed the peek....want to see more!


Luv hear'in from ya!!