Monday, August 20, 2012

Better than a Get Well card.... my book!
When I was recovering after surgery Jean of Life in my Happy Place, sent this pattern booklet to me! She had planned a trip to the publishers outlet store and I had asked her to look for some books. Well they did not have that book but sweet Jean picked this up for me by the same artist, Kim Diehl, and mailed to me!
I have Kim's Simple Comforts and Simple Graces. Did the 40% off sale with a % off total order at Joann's for those. Still have not found the other books I wanted....yet!
 It is called Country Whig Rose. So pretty and in my country color favs.
 If I make it as published will be 42" X 42" wall hanging or table topper.
Finished blocks are 12" X 12" . I could do a runner for my sofa chest or wash stands.
Will see what I decide!

So what did I do? Pulled some fabrics and have them in my quilt basket to cut and prepare my blocks!
Thank you Jeanie Gal! You are a sweetie!!
Here is Jean's other fun blog where she shares her creative talents!


  1. What a pretty quilt that is going to be! Have fun with it! :0)

  2. That Jeanie is a sweetheart, isn't she? What a nice thing for her to do!

    I love Kim Diehl's quilts! I was lucky enough to see her along with all her quilts about this time last year...what a fun trunk show it was!

    Good luck with the quilt!

  3. I look forward to seeing this quilt made from your hands! It's sure a beauty.

  4. Definitely better than a card!!! Have fun.

  5. What a thoughful gift. Look forward to seeing yu work on the quilt.

  6. Love the fabrics you have is always fun to get things in the mail and hopefully, it cheered you up some..

  7. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Looking forward to seeing a project from the new book...

  8. Gonna be beautimous!!! Yep--the sewing plates are getting fuller by the minute.

  9. I'm so glad to make you smile... you're going to have fun with that one.


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