Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lovely Mini Quilt

 I was honored to win this rule, Fit to be Quarter by Open Gate Quilts last year on Monique 's Blog!

 Also in the package was this sweet mini quilt kit to make using the rule.
 The instructions were very easy to understand and the rule is awesome at squaring up the 2 inch parts!
You can use this rule for rectangles and square up larger size blocks as well. It is a nice tool to have when no matter how careful you are your pieces are not perfect. Just trim them up a bit and you are good to go!
You can check out how to use it here. Also available are other rulers.
 All those little jewels! So pretty!
 All done and this is the pretty backing. I quilted it simply around the seams and the middle .
Have hung it from the shelf in our living room. I worked on this project after I finished up my Cotton Boll squares. Now  I need to get that runner sandwiched and quilted now that I have the thread to use!

I have been cleaning out a few scraps and cutting into useable pieces. Doing this using my Go! I have made up two quilt kits! Will share those later!

We are still warm here and humid. 
Really the temps are around 89/90 but the humidity makes it feel warmer.
We need rain badly.  Seems folks all around us get plenty, us not so much. Our well has not recovered as it should from the two leaks we had in pipe. So just being careful of how we use water.
We are going to get a few estimates on a deep well. Plus plumber says a few of the copper pipes need replacing! Always some thing!

Need to pick the figs, grapes and more blueberries. Will just juice the grapes to make jelly later and freeze the blueberries. We eat the figs. Used to make preserves but if we do will be only a couple jars. We just do not use as much of  the jams and jellies as we used too.

Still doing my home PT and functions for the new knee. Do have pain still and some swelling.
After a day of standing cutting and sitting sewing it will be a bit sore and cranky!;-)
Go back to surgeon next week.

So best get to it round here! I have some stars I need to cut out!!!;-)


  1. What a sweet little quilt! It's so pretty! It's still quite dry here too. There has been rain north and south of us but it keeps missing us.

  2. Oh I love and adore fresh figs! Can you just can them as fruit in syrup?

    I love your sweet little mini-quilt. And I think you've found the perfect little spot for it!

    Sending rain vibes your way....

  3. So cute!!!!! And you have fluffed with it already. Looks great with the wreathe. Clouds are rolling in again here, so hopefully they will hit your house too. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. I really like your new little quilt--you did a fine job there!! as usual!!!
    Am so glad that things are getting back into the normal range for you!!!
    you just keeping that new knee to get used to being in your body--that it is now a part of you and it will stay a part of you--!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  5. excellent work as usual! batten down the hatches...we gots a storm a brewing today! (mauh) Liz


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