Friday, November 18, 2011

Stop on way home...

I saw this thrift store was open so pulled in.
All proceeds go to the county animal shelter.
It is not open all the time so I seldom catch it.
This is an old Smithfield gas station that became a seafood shop now a thrift store!!

Bought these 2 tablecloths for 8 bucks! Nice dark red color.
One fits our harvest table perfectly.
Not sure what I will do with the second one.
It is long! May do some window valances with it.

These six plates came home with me too!!
75 cents a piece!
Nice creamy color and that vintage red!

I am thinking diner or hotel plates but they sure have not seen much service.
Not any fork marks or chips.

Homer Laughlin Best China USA.
I plan to use these some with my green Homestead China for Christmas.
Check out post on my other blog, Cedar Cottage Farm for more plate love.


  1. Love the plates and tablecloths. What a great find!

  2. Oh my gosh....I love what you purchased!!

  3. What a great find! The red china will be perfect for the holidays!

  4. The tablecloth and china will be great for Christmas! I have friend who collect Homer Laughlin...if she had computer and saw these she'd be trying to beat you out of them...LOL... They're both really pretty! I remember the old gas stations like that one...we had them back where I grew up. What a neat way to use that old building!

  5. Its a fun day when we SCORE at the Thrift Shop! I rarely go and when I do I wonder why I don't go more often! Go Figure!!

  6. Such awesome finds! I'm also pulled in by the looks of this little shop, how quaint!!

  7. You do the best decorating with those types of things...can't wait to see a photo of them in place at your house. We went to an old gas station somewhere in either SC or GA last winter that was selling food and beverage items popular in that area...peach wines, pecan log rolls, etc. It was really neat to use the old gas station building for that shop!

  8. Sweet! I adore your finds and love the story about the thrift store and it's past, and the sales proceeds...that is so cool.
    Enjoy your new treats.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! Dont worry about that knne replacement! I am 4 weeks post op and doing wonderful. I am walking without a cane and getting around just great. Therapy is going well and will be right back to work soon! I think I was having a pity party that day..LOL

  10. Sure wish we had a good thrift store close by. I miss that. Love your precious finds.


  11. Hola LEo tu blog desde españa. el traducctor no es muy bueno pero mas o menos me entero de todo. tienes un blog precioso,A mitambien me apasiona el patch y el croochet.
    De las tiendas de segunda mano que puedo sacar algo, lo hago, los domingos hacen en mi ciudad( Sabadell) Barcelona una pequeña feria de segunda mano,compro varias cosas que ñuego las reciclo y quedan muy bien. espero que que me contestes. eres bienvenida a mi blog.besos Yolanda

  12. I collect restaurant china and I've found a few of these red and white plates. They are beauties. You got a real bargain for 75 cents each!!! Great find!


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