Saturday, November 26, 2011

Had Great Day.

We spent Thanksgiving with our son, his beautiful wife, her parents and of course grand dog Beamer(named after VaTech coach of course). Was a lovely day!

I had cooked the ham on Wed. so DH was giving some slicing 101 classes to Son.

Beamer is so wishing Grandpop will drop it!!!!
Is that not a pup doll face!!!

Table was all set with the napkins I had made for her along with the thrifted tablecloth.
Fit their big table and worked out great!

DH also brought along his dough for rolls.
Sweet DIL and Son did an amazing job on everything else!
Must say DIL is becoming quite the good cook!
Her Mom even had to say she had come a long way from that first Thanksgiving spread!;-)
From the hors d'oeuvres to the dessert and coffee ending of the meal, all was yummy!
We all left full of food and thankfulness of having loving family to be with on such a
special day.
I have to say I was feeling a bit sad that we could not be with the other children as well.
Such is life though with so many family members living so far away.
Times are tight on families too with gas prices and airline tickets costing so much.
Have to be grateful for the ways we can be connected!
Cell phones, face book and emails!
Yes they are blessings too!!!

DH is off today doing some shopping.
I am at home trying to do some things as well.
Will be Christmas before we all know it!!


  1. Es un dia precioso,disfrutalo y felicidades.besos yolanda

  2. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving. Glad you got to spend it with some family! xoxo

  3. It sounds like it really was a nice day. I know what you mean....and it's been awhile since we actually had our Thanksgiving meal ON Thanksgiving with family. Usually we have it a weekend around Thanksgiving. Like you say, the internet and phones at least let us be in closer touch when we live distances from our family members.

  4. Table looked fabulous...glad you had a grand day!

  5. It looks and sounds like a wonderful day.

  6. It sounds like such an awesome day Lola, so much to be grateful for. We too missed the family members that couldn't be with us, but had a very nice day.

  7. looks like a great time was had by all.....

  8. Que mesa tan preciosa,me alegro que lo celebres en familia,es lo mejor en estos dias.aqui nos reunimos el dia 25 y en cataluña tambien se celebra el 26 San Esteban.besos yolanda


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