Thursday, November 17, 2011

Drive Home Part Two

Crossing Stallings Creek. Beautiful Cypress trees.

Favorite play ground for squirrels!

Soybeans ready to harvest.
They are now all picked and Winter Wheat has been planted.

Coming round the bend.

This is the Olde Mill Bridge.

These trees went down in last storm.
Hard to believe it was underwater not to long ago!
Still one of my most favorite scenes in Fall and on a snowy Winter day.

Up the hill. Almost home now!

There we are up ahead on the right!
Today we have wind, rain and cold temps back again!
More like Winter than Fall!

I also made a stop on my drive home.
Will share that tomorrow!


  1. OOOO...I think the stop might have been to buy some fun items??? Can't wait to hear about your stop. Lovely scenery where you are!

  2. Oh my--nice pictures of the driving--and I just had some time tonight to catch up on reading your blog posts and the one about the chuckles==gave me the chuckles!!!!
    thanks I needed that!!!
    glad to hear you are feeling better-- me tooo--mine was to just stay home!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie


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