Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaking one day.. blown away next???

Yes we shook yesterday here in Virginia . Odd feeling I must say.
Been a while since I had this sensation, which was in SE Missouri.
They have these a bit more often there on the New Madrid fault line.
Yesterday I was at sink in kitchen and my brick home went back an forth.
The hanging fixture was swaying and my pot rack!
Pics went crooked but nothing fell off wall or shelves!
A crack at end of house is a bit bigger and some mortar fell but that is the extent of it for us. Thanks goodness!

Now to the blown away part ...Irene! Yes we are preparing for a hurricane.
So far we are not to get full brunt but wind and rain.
We always would rather be prepared for the worse but hope for the best.
After going through 3 bad ones here we just do it.
Last bad one left us without power for 2 weeks!
So tune up generator, gas up autos and do what needs doing.
If we get by with no more than a bit of rain so be it. Better safe than sorry in my book.
Rain would be greatly appreciated for the Great Dismal Swamp fire!
They need a lot of rain to finally put it out!
We have smoke today so no wash out on line.

Last week as a busy one!
A family member passed away.
So was busy doing things for family and the services.
Had another test done on my eyes.
Still Suspect Glaucoma and hanging in! YES!
Just have to stay on top of it according to my eye doctor!

Not much on the sewing front here to share but have still been busy!
Put'n up food as they say.
Still lots more to get done before we are done with the season.

Tomatoes for soup go into freezer.
Picked more, so more to do like this.
Not canning any this year.

Picked grapes. Lots of grapes!

Grapes get cooked down to make juice.
This too goes in freezer to make jelly later.
If this old pot could talk the sweet stories it would tell!

More blueberries to pick . Have put plenty in freezer already.

Helped DH make his Hot Pepper Jelly.

Crowder Peas also went in freezer.
Next is the sweet pepper pickle relish to make.
Jars all ready to go.
Hope to get that done tomorrow before weekend.

As soon as dryer load finishes will be off to Wally World and Food Lion in Suffolk!
Doing my Friday shopping early!
Can get crazy around here with a predicted storm coming!!!

Thanks for everyone who popped in to see our Cocoa for the Pets On Quilts Show!

Take care everyone!!!


  1. Oh wow - scary stuff! Keep safe!

  2. Take care. I know those hurricanes can pack a wallop!

  3. Glad you survived the earthquake OK and I hope the worst of Irene misses you! Stay safe! :0)

  4. You have been busy!!! No wonder there is no sewing going on.

    Stay safe with Irene and try to have no more shakes!!!!

  5. Oh Hot pepper jelly! Do you have a recipe?

  6. hiya, I am finally able to see you blog again! only at work on the flat screen (snarf). cant see it on my old big screen at home. yeah, yesterdays earthquake was a hoot. I was at work (QVC suffolk) inspecting some tomtoms when I felt a rumble. looked up and saw the metal racks , that are 30 ft up, and the netting SWAYING. good times! had to evacuate the building for over an hour in the hot sun, no shade. ah Viringia, dont like the weather, wait 5 mins it will change! tomarrow I am off and doing the hurricane prep. (snicker-sbort) (mauh) Liz

  7. YUM! I'd love a whole mess o'peas cooked with a smoked ham hock and some onion.

  8. wore me out! Tell me more about Crowder Peas and how you cook those up. I saw some at the local farmer's market and hadn't a clue!
    It looks like Irene isn't going to hit as bad as they initially thought...but still watchful! Hopefully you get some rain and don't lose power. I thought of the double hit of earthquake and hurricane and your home yesterday as we shaked here too. Pretty wild for this CA girl who hasn't experienced a quake in years!!!

  9. Stay safe!! I would love to raid your stash of freezer stuff!!

  10. Wow how scary is that? Hope ya'll keep safe. Sounds like you have been really busy.


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