Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy... Busy...

A setting off the old fashion wonderfully scented yellow rose from Aunt Dot's bush up at the farmhouse.

Aunt Dot's large porch planter full of marigolds now on my porch.
Last ones she planted.
Miss her a lot. She and Uncle Ollie have settled in well in NC.
We talk on phone but still miss her presence.
Not sure as of now what will happen with the farmhouse. DH hates to see it sold.
So many childhood memories for him with his grandparents.
Was hard enough to let the farm go back when money was needed for DH's Mom's Alzheimer care. Hard to see the family farmhouse go as well. Sure wish we could win the lotto!!

Besides all the busy times surrounding Aunt Dot's move , my medical appts, DH's DIY work we have garden stuff!

Tomatoes beginning to come on, ours and the ones up at farmhouse!

Summer squash about over. Peppers coming a bit at a time but cukes are still coming along.

We were so dry for so long now getting rain. Helping the late bloomers.

Aunt Dot's last apple tree is bearing now.
We have pears too but pic did not come out so well.
Also DH has picked loads of blueberries and we put those in freezer!
So all ready for pan cakes, muffins, cobblers or pies for winter.

Figs are also needing to be picked!!
Will give a lot of those away.

Now the Concord and White grapes up at farmhouse are getting ripe as well!
Aunt Dot's son will come this weekend to pick what he wants then we will get rest.

DH has finished pulling up all the old carpet and flooring in living room and hall.
All staples pulled out. Now has some things to do to the sub flooring before he can lay the entry way . So house is still yet a "piled up mess" words for it at least!

Gee things can get really busy around her from time to time!!

My toe is pretty healed. So will have to find a date for the left one to be done!!! UGH!
My other med appts resulted in blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and must lose some weight!! Dear me!
Good news on other medical fronts though so reckon it all levels out!
As my Mama used to say "This world and one more!!" Haha!!

So just thought I would let ya'll know I am still here just really socked in!
Sewing? No but do have plans...always have plans don't I??? hahaha!

Whew... best get ready for yet another hot day here!!
Take care!


  1. Isn't it a shame that the garden all comes in in such a short period of time? It would be nice to spread the work out over the year.

    I can imagine how difficult it is to have to see the house. My grandparents is up for sale now too and I just hate to see it go out of the family. I hope you win the lottery so it can stay.

  2. Glad to haar the toe is healing well. Sorry about the BP/Cholesterol meds. I'm headed for BP stuff, Already on the cholesterol stuff.

    I'm going to try to stay in today. Lots of stress with family stuff (they're stressed, I'm not). I'm trying to keep it from getting to me by keeping busy.

    Always something or another.

    On a happy note, taht produce looks yummy!

  3. Such an abundance from the garden! We could never eat so much in a short period of time and would surely need a large freezer and oh goodness I'd need to learn to can the goods as well. :-) WHEW! Tiring!!! LOL Too bad it wasn't spread out throughout the year. Hugs dear friend..

  4. Lovely fruit and veggies! I miss that here, home grown produce... at the moment everything you get in the shops is half rotten from the intense heat... I guess I don't miss water the garden every day though :)
    Take care,

  5. What a great harvest you have! I love figs - fig jam is my favourite! Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

  6. You must have the best "green Thumb' I have to go to Farmer's Market....LOL
    Great Post,

  7. Oh, yum! What a bounty! Looking deelish. Do you can?

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    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~


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