Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zavier Update!! Good News!!

Okay new grand news!!! Zavier is coming home!

Well he finally weighs enough and things are progressing enough! He will go back to Vanderbilt in Nashville for his chemo in a week then every 2 weeks! Eventually surgery for the rest and rehab! So if you wish to send any more mail please mail to me and I will forward it on now!

You can email me for addy info at!

Thanks once again for all the prayers, good thoughts gifts of all kinds while Zavier was in hospital! To each of you a big hug from me ! I wish each of you many good blessings!

Zavier still has a long road ahead but we have to remain positive and keep the faith!

Zavier spelled with a 'Z' is his name. Not Xavier . Just the way DD and her Husband named him. All their kids tend to have rather 'unique' names...;-)

My toe drama continues. It is healing nicely says doctor. Looks horrid to me still..;-) !Have my pain meds and do as dr says putting up when needed. Left one will have to be done as well. OH FUN! At least I know what to expect! Sometimes that is NOT a good thing! Oh well we deal!

On to a pretty pic of more of DH's summer harvest! More CUKES! Course we are picking Aunt Dot's now as well so double the YUM! Also have her blueberries to pick!

Not doing pickles this year. So been looking at other cuke recipes.
Found one for Cucumber Salsa. Maybe DH will want to try that.
Check it out here Taste of Home.
More out there, just Google 'Cucumber salsa' . Could also just do your own thing and use whatever you have on hand! Make up your own recipe.
Also saw the dipped and fried cuke recipe! Oh My!
DH did fry me some green tomatoes!! Goodness Gracious DELISH!!
I have to confess his were better than mine which are good too!
Could have just been partly my not having to cook them and being served on a tray with feet propped up in recliner!! hahaha!

Okay off to put foot back up. Toe is saying 'pretty please give me a rest'!
Thanks again for all your thoughts,prayers and kindness to Zavier and to me!!!



  1. I am so very very happy for you and the family that Zavier is coming home--and I bet he is happy about it too!!!
    Oh and what a pretty 'toe' you!!!
    you keep following the doc's orders now!!!
    Love, Di and miss gracie

  2. Oh that is wonderful news!! I'm very happy for you.. hope your toe is all better and feels better soon..

  3. that is wonderful news that Zavier is coming home.

  4. That is wonderful news about your grandson....

    Sorry for the pain you are in, heal soon.

  5. Wonderful news! My prayers continue!

  6. I'm so glad to hear this news about Zavier. The stress of having to be far away from home for a child's treatment is so hard for a anytime they can be treated closer to home, it is wonderful.

  7. After all the sad news this week, I'm happy to finally hear good good news. And I'm so glad it's good news for Zavier!!!!!

    Awesome! Those folks at Vandy sure know their stuff. And your grandchild is amazing for getting through all this.


  8. Great news about Zavier! Hoping to get a photo with the caps my mom made him. She likes to keep a record of who has received them in a little photo album.

  9. Yeah!!!!! Glad to hear some good news here today.
    Take care of yourself...hugs...lots of em being sent!

  10. What awesome news Lola, I'll send another card. I need your address again though. Bless Zavier, you and your toe!

  11. I'm so glad to hear that your grandson has made such a turnaround. Also that you're on the mend.

  12. What wonderful news about Zavier! And I'm glad to hear you're healing up too! :0)

  13. GREAT NEWS indeed! I am so happy for you and your family!!!

    Hope your toe feels (and looks) better soon, but for now, enjoy a bit of pampering :)



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