Friday, July 15, 2011

Some good news, some not so good.

The giveaway I won from Open Gate on her blog tour arrived yesterday!
Was a bright spot in a rather sad day!
Look at those fabrics in the small quilt kit. Yummy!

Monique has great instructions on how to use her ruler and a pattern included!
Can't wait to give it a go!
Thank you again Monique!!

Pretty old feed sacks, gifts from Aunt Dot.
Yesterday our sweet Aunt Dot and Uncle Ollie were moved to Raleigh, NC to live with their daughter. Best thing for them as they needed help 24 hrs.
I could not do that.
Aunt Dot at 90 yrs has lived in that house most of her life on this farm!
Uncle Ollie all his married life.
So all the last 2 weeks has been sorting out, packing and giving away their life time of things!
Still more to do later in the Fall but for now, a rest.
We all cried as they were loaded up for their new adventure.
Aunt Dot wanted to pack me in her suitcase but I just would not fit!
We will be making runs to Raleigh . Not as far as it could be I reckon.
I will say it feels lonely up here on the farm already. Just us now.
Last folks standing as they say.

One of Aunt Dot's gifts to me... her Mama's glass door pie safe.
Inside is some of her Daddy's cigar boxes.
It will live in my sewing room now.

To DH went his great Granny's cast iron griddle.
Will share more things on other posts.
As I said a sad time but they are safer now.
Change is hard but part of living.

Today I have some surgery being done on my right big toe.
Psoriasis has caused me so much pain and problems with these toes and nails.
Nail has to be removed...forever! No new one coming back!
OH NO bald and naked toe!! LOOK AWAY!
I figure on the grand scheme of things losing a couple toenails could be considered minor.

So please think of me today with maybe a prayer or two that all goes well with the Doctor's scalpel. That pain pills work and no complications!
Oh yes could you send up one for Aunt Dot too that she settles into her new home and enjoys her retirement. I told her she has now officially retired and to NC no less!!

Thank you so very much!


  1. Prayers and hugs... Nice win, too!

  2. Love the gift. What a sweet story about Aunt Dot. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

  3. You can count on me for some added prayers. It does not sound like a fun surgery!!!

    I am sure it has to be difficult on everyone to retire to NC. It is nice that aunt Dot could be part of the decision making. I know she is thrilled to know that you will be enjoying some of her items.

  4. So sad to hear that Aunt Dot is moving away, although it will probably be best and she will be cared for well (I hope). Please keep us updated!

    My sister had a toenail removed when she was a teenager because it kept getting ingrown and infected. She used to paint her toe, where the nail had been, so it didn't stand out so much. It was pretty funny when I think about it now. Good luck with your surgery.

    And congrats on your good mail :)

  5. Prayers for you and all goes well with your "little piggies" for your city folks...toes.
    I know it was hard to see your Aunt Dot and Uncle Ollie move event though all know it's for the's still difficult.

    Wonderful pie safe you were given by her and the griddle. I have griddle like that...think they were from my Daddy's family He had a cousin who was a blacksmith make a stand for them and Momma and Daddy used them on as a side table on their side porch.

  6. You all have my prayers. Change is hard but we seem to get through it somehow. Hope surgery goes well too. My son-in-law has had that done on his big toes too.

  7. Prays for Aunt Dot & Uncle Ollie!! Love your gifts! When you come visit maybe we could meet?? I'm about 1 1/2 hours from Raleigh. Hope all goes well with your toe!


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