Monday, November 15, 2010

Sewing n Play Day with Alice

Yes Alice and I finally had our day, Friday last.
Life just kept getting in our way!!
We tried to make the most of it!

We cut out and sewed up some of these! Fun!

Pinwheels made from the Lil Twister tool.
We are making the mantle cloth in the picture.

Next we played with the BH blocks.
Yes they are really fast and fun!

Did some cutting with the GO!
Ate pizza, hung out, chatted, drank coffee.. just had a great time!

Alice was kind enough to bring me some 'new' reading material.
Some wonderful Aussie magazines! AWESOME!
I found a couple things I want to do in one already!!

She also spoiled me with some belated BD gifts!!

This is a very unique, to me at least, scented wax bowl!
So very pretty and smells so nice!
No burning candles!

Now as those who know me KNOW I do love me some chickens/roosters.
Well now I think I may have one of the most unusual ones in blog land!!
I am calling it the World's Smallest Chicken!

DH suggested I put this penny beside it so you can see how very tiny it really is!
Oh yes also a Christmas novel to read... I do love those too!!
Okay for some reason Blogger will not let me load up anymore pics! UGH!
Alice had made me up a sweet Halloween bag of goodies too!!
She is a super pal and I feel blessed she has crossed my path.. with the help of a GPS ...;-)!

Sadly I did not have her 'secret' gift finished!!
Yes call me SLACK!
I WILL get it done this week and to her!!

So now I do hope all passed a wonderful weekend!!
Here we are at Monday yet again!!
Can you believe Thanksgiving will be here in 10 days!!!!!!
Yikes! Ya know as soon as Turkey Day passes BAM!! it is Christmas!!!
Head is spinning knowing I will NOT get all I WANT to do done !
Oh well that is part of the Season...right?????
Oh My Goodness I was so hoping I was not alone in my craziness!!!!

Take care and hope you all have a grand beginning of the week!!!


  1. What fun blocks! And yes Thanksgiving is so close and Christmas is coming so fast! Glad you enjoyed your day with Alice. It's always fun to sew with a friend.

  2. How nice to spend time with your friend and you did get some great sewing done.
    Love your tiny chook too.

  3. Glad that you finally found some fun playtime. It looks like you were productive too.

    LOVE that tiny chicken. Is it a button?

  4. Sounds like you and Alice had a wonderful time. Your tiny chicken is so cute!

  5. Oh I love the little chicken Lola, and so glad you had such a fun time. On Blogger, you can add 5 pics at a time, after you upload just go back and add up to 5 more! It took awhile for me to catch onto that. Have a great week Lola!

  6. LOVE your twister blocks! I'm glad you had a fun day with Alice. That tiny chicken is SO cute!!! (Good idea to show it next to the penny.)

  7. Ijust love that second block, that is just so clean looking.

    I love the lil twister....

    Glad you had such a fun time with Alice.


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