Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The the items I did not receive with my GO! Cutter finally arrived by UPS yesterday late.
I won my GO! from Tonya's blog drawing back on Sept 9th.
Took a long while to receive the GO! then for it to arrive without the included value die, mat and pick was sad. Was told they were on back order.
Alice and I had each bought a die so was happy we had done that!
I have bought one more since so will be fun to have more to play around with on Thursday!
So thank you Accuquilt, better late than never as they say.


  1. Yay! You will have so much fun with yours... I love mine...

  2. wow, that's a back order.....i'm glad you've got it all now

  3. I finally got my starter die and pick on Friday, but I still haven't got the mat to go with it. Must be patient! LOL

  4. Lots of that stuff is made and boxed in China and AccuQuilt can't get exact dates when it will arrive at their place in Nebraska.....things happen in China AND in customs when large shipments arrive in the U.S. I'm sorry you had to wait so long. I know if AccuQuilt had control over that, you'd not have had anything missing in the first place!!!

  5. How disappointing, but you will have fun now.

  6. Oh well NOW you can finally play.
    Looking forward to seeing what you mke using the GO.
    Have fun.


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