Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaway Names pulled from bag!

Thanks so much to everyone who posted the sweet comments on my Candle in the Window quilt top!! I do appreciate all those who visited my blog for SewCalGal's Christmas Quit Show!

I have to say I very much appreciate my followers!!
Here is the promised giveaway for my followers who commented on that post!
I pulled these together from my stash .

Okay I pulled two names!
First one was Lane of That man Quilts? so he gets to pick of which group he would like!
Lane is an awesome quilter in both piecing and quilting.
He also in my opinion is a wonderful writer. I love to read his Way Back Wed posts.

Second name out was Lisa M. of Sun Naturals and Gifts !
Thanks for becoming a new follower Lisa!
I hope you both will enjoy these gifts from me!

Group one is 3 large fat quarters, ten 5 inch charms of some cute snow folks.
The pattern is from Calico Garden and is called 5 Santas. It is for an appliqued runner or the stocking. I used it for doing some stitcheries!;-)

Group two is same as group one only comes with a fun applique pattern for a wall hanging Santa Card Holder.

So if any problem with these folks claiming the gifts I will simply have another drawing!
Thanks for playing!!

So while other folks are thinking of turkeys and such I am thinking Pig Meat.
As in this glorious smoke house cured country ham that is!!
Yeah buddy!! Cooked it today!
Lord does this house smell good!!

Had some sliced with potato salad for supper!!
So yes had to cook the ham today so I will have plenty of good ham pot liquor to cook the collards tomorrow!!!
They came this evening. So pretty and tender!!
We will be spending Thanksgiving Day with family in town Thursday.
All I have to prepare is the collards but now DH ,well he is the roll and dessert fella! ;-)
Our son and wife will be out of town for the day but will be out here on Sunday with us.
We are truly blessed and very grateful for all we have been given but mostly for our family!!

Have a good one!!!


  1. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Congrats to your winners and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Your ham looks wonderful. As for the collard greens......ummmmmm......not too high on my list! LOL

  3. That looks delicious!!!!
    Save me a sammie full.
    Congrats to the winners.

  4. I rarely win anything! Thank you! Enjoy the holiday :-)

  5. Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Congratulations to the winners.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Ham sounds wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Lola!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving - all the food sounds wonderful!!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving and congrats to the winners.

  10. Mmmmm! Enjoy your dinner Lola, it sounds awesome!

  11. we had ham as well....we'll have turkey at mom's saturday

  12. I am a recent new quilter and I am so inspired by your work.
    I am posting my quilt journey on my blog. Check it out!


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