Friday, November 5, 2010

Another year!

Yes indeedy!! I celebrate another year!
Yee Haw!! I am still here!!
Hanging in there!!hahaha!!

This was a BD gift from DH.
I saw it when we were out shopping one weekend.
LOVE IT! Candy looks real!
Now ready to decorate for Christmas!!
DH is fixing me supper tonight..fried oysters! YUMMO!
Life is good!!!

This is my views of Fall!
All around me.
These are the side and back fields.
They are now planted with Winter Wheat.

The green tree line is pine. They stay green.

Hey ya'll..waving at ya! ;-)

We have been having trouble with our Hughes Net .
So have been out of pocket.
Still not connecting as it should but hope this too shall pass.
Had the tech folks out yesterday.
Replaced a part did some other stuff so we shall see.

Plan on sewing today.
I am working on some gifts.
Been cold and rainy.
Hope sun comes out today!

Happy weekend to all my bloggy pals!!!


  1. Waving back at you! Have a great BD.

  2. Have a most awesome birthday and weekend! Here's to another wonderful year!!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your day..

  4. Happy birthday to you Dear Lola !!
    have a lovely day ~

    Hugs from me :)

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Lola!! Hope it's a happy and healthy year :)

  6. Happy birthday!! What beautiful views you have.

  7. happy happy happy birthday chicka! have a great weekend of sewing!
    (mauh) Liz

  8. Happy Happy birthday my friend - hope it is as wonderful as you.

    Great photos of the fall colors.

  9. A very happy birthday to you Lola, and I hope you come around many more years. Don't these birthdays come closer and closer these days?
    I've been way too busy to read blogs lately, so am just catching up. I LOVE your new design and header. Just beautiful. And, I'm waving back atcha!

  10. Happy birthday!!! Another year to celebrate!!!

  11. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! :0)

  12. Have a happy Birthday Lola and enjoy those oysters and your quilting time. Lane

  13. Happy happy birthday, my sweet friend! I hope you have a wonderful weekend... Celebrate!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Looks more like fall in your neck of the woods than over here. Though when I went down to Nancy's today there were a pile of fallen leaves on Hiden Blvd. like I've never seen before in the thirty four or five years I've been living down here and three years previous to moving down here and visiting a friend a lot.

    We had fried oysters for lunch today. Went out to Bill Forrest's in Poquoson the other week got some they have been so good from there.

  15. Hope your day was very happy, Lola!

  16. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  17. woo-hoo Happy Birthday girlfriend! I hope you had a wonderful day :-)

  18. Oh my Lola I almost didn't make your birthday! See it is only 11:47 here so technically it's still your birthday. I am up late because my daughter called from Germany (where her husband is stationed). So glad I am able to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday! The gingerbread kit looks like a lot of fun. Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. I Hope you had a great Birthday Lola and guess what??? It was my birthday too.

  20. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great one.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy the day. BettyLou


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