Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it COLD or is it HOT..

Well my day began rather late..for me anyway. After all my excitement over getting in the new washer last night and cook'in such a big meal I was just worn out I say... in my lil southern drawl, yes I have one.
So me, Sadie and Cocoa Kitty slept in. When I did wake I was like OH YES laundry to do today at HOME!!
So all excited I get up do my morning routine, things we won't mention here, coffee, feed live stock and walk the dog, get paper, etc.
Okay I sort the laundry in neat piles, decide to do a cold wash.

Go back to my sparkling new machine set knobs and hit start!!!
Oh the joy of pulling out detergent , fabric softener from cabinet and adding.
I noticed on my machine a setting for COOL, also COLD well in goes my hand and on COOL it is rather WARM....hummm, COLD is a tad HOT!!!
I think you can see where I am going here...yes my installation fellas had connected up hot to cold and cold to hot.. HA!!!

Well I do find the humor in these things and wanted to share with one of the installers. So call DH's office to say, all blonde ( I am one)and all..."the settings are wrong on my new machine....Hot is really Cold and Cold is very HOT ...think we need to exchange it "!!!
Well there is silence for a second then he has to chuckle. Seems for a split of a second he may have wondered about me!!
Turns out not his fault but the house hook up is backwards and he had forgotten that when they hooked it up last night.
We had a nice chuckle over it though. I told him glad we caught that as our clothes are shrink'in fast enough as it is just hang'in in the closet without having to wash them in HOT water too!!!

Well that load is in dryer now and will not do any more today.
Machine seems to do fine other then that and is really quite when it runs. NICE!!
So this will put an end the the Washing Machine so we hope.

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