Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hurry up and Wait...

That is my theme today. What I am waiting for is a new washer.
DH will be picking it up at Sears today on way home from office.
This has been a very long month without a working one!!!
Seems longer really!! Yes more Drama!
All begin back in late Dec, I put in a load and I could smell a 'burning rubber' like smell .
Cut it right off!!!
Took out what was in to wash and put in my laundry sink.
Wrung them out by that is one 'vintage thing' I do not wish back!
Even an old ringer would have been nice!!
Well was too wet to put right in dryer so out to clothes line to drip some first.
Whew what a day!
A cup of tea soon set me right, with a few butter cookies of course.

Well called GE, no service in my area.
Called Sears repair service.. they could not get out as soon as I wanted as holidays figured in.
Well when he does arrive says motor shot. I am like this is only a 2002 machine, not 20 yrs old!!
He says no warranty coverage and GE will not kick in.
I am looking at a 400$ repair bill! NOT!
After he leaves I stew for a while then get on phone call GE .
Finally get to a nice gal who handles these things.
She decides we WILL get a new motor. GREAT!!!
Well when I call next day as she has told me to do , the not very nice gal on other end says there is no record of it! UGH.
Took 2 days to get that straight , they mailed it out to me. Another few days to arrive.
Then I had to call back repair to set up another service call!!
He arrives on Jan 22, puts in new motor of which he is amazed they sent me at no cost!!
After about 30 minutes he calls me in, not your only problem ma'am ...seems the upper tub bearings are shot as well!!
No GE not going to replace those!!
So after paying the 2 service calls we still have a bad washer but with brand new high dollar motor!!
UGH!! Shoot me now!!!
Sat we go shopping, find a good deal on one that will work for us at Sears, no extra bells and whistles we don't need.
Well they can deliver it and set up plus take old one for a hefty $$ price.
WHAT... says rebate on delivery here in sale paper.. NO only if you buy the high dollar ones!
Okay fine we will pick up, well can't till Wed!!
So DH took truck in to office today so he can swing round after work pick it up.
He and our sweet baby boy will unload it and set it up tonight.
A long day for my sweet fellas but I do plan to show my undying gratitude for their service with a special comfort food supper!!!
Who knows maybe by this time tomorrow I will be doing some laundry right here in my own home again.
What can I say... Yes excited about doing laundry!!
I have found I am too old to tote them to the river and beat them with rocks !!!
Needless to say loads of tea and butter cookies have been consumed during this drawn-out ordeal !!
I hold GE responsible for this 10 pd weight gain.
Oh yes I do have one high dollar GE motor with all the trimmings for sale if you are interested...e-mail me.


  1. Hoping to read this time tomorrow that you've taken the new machine for a test drive and all is well!! Off to find some butter cookies and tea to alleviate the stress of just thinking about not having a washing machine for an entire month..

  2. oh my goodness Lola, can't even imagine going to the laundramat for this crew........but I can relate to the butter cookies.....for me, it's cappacino mix and hot water. Goodness I know I spelled that delicious drink incorrectly, and get this, I can't even find in in my paperback's that old.


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