Monday, January 28, 2008

Day One

Well here I go...again. I had set this blog stuff up before or at least I thought I had . Must have been deleted ! haa.
Just like me to do things like that then go back maybe a year later and no more. See I have a 'time issue'. What I think was one year ago may have been 2, or weeks , days...get the picture.
I do hope I can remember to come here and share some of what I am doing at
the moment be it sewing or other 'home arts' as I like to call them.

At present I am trying to declutter mywork room so I can get on with projects I have planned for 2008.
I have grand kids and nieces I love to sew for, I plan on trying to finish up some of my own projects I have been workin on for a while.
I do hope those that visit will enjoy my ramblins on and maybe share some things with me as well.
Welcome to my crazy quilt life!!!


  1. Hey Miss Lola,
    Welcome to the land of blog.......hmmmm, wonder if it's like the land of Oz? Let's see if we can keep out blogs up together......

  2. Hi Lola,

    Welcome to blogland!! Enjoyed reading your blog and will visit again!


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  4. Hi Lola, I'm enjoying reading about your daily escapades. Of all my appliances I hate when the washer goes out. UGH Glad you are up and running.


Luv hear'in from ya!!