Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Pumpkin Time
I used a layer cake called Saltbox Harvest by Kate Strain I was given as a birthday gift a couple years ago.
Saw this block on a video and seemed simple to do. I have two runners pieced.
This is the smaller runner. I am adding some pumpkin applique to the sides.  Have a different plan for the longer one for my dining room table. Hope it goes to plan!;-)
Here is Big Boots kitty inspecting my seams up close!! We hope he has stopped growing he is 16 pounds and very tall!
So DH caught the pumpkin bug and made this last week. Was yummy!!!

Have had so much going on here have not got all my Fall decor pulled out and up yet.
Hope to do before weekend!!! Also have some secret sewing to finish up this week as well!
I am hoping to get in the sewing room in next few days!!


  1. LOL. My DH always gets a hankering for pumpkin pie at this time of the year too.

    That is a fabulous quilt design. I love the colors you're using.

  2. That pie looks so good , so glad to see you blog more

  3. That pie looks sooo yummy!! and I like the block you are doing and the quilt pieces that you are creating with it--way to go!
    love and laughter, di

  4. I love pumpkin pie!
    I am in the fall quilt making mood. I have an applique block in the works in fall colors.

  5. A delicious pumpkin pie.....
    Beautiful table runners too...

  6. Like the table runners, where can I find the video? Not a fan of pumpkin pie - Alice made one for us one year... prefer my pumpkin in soup! But you enjoy! xx

  7. Love the table runner and yummy colors! The pumpkin pie I am sure is yummy too!

    Thanks for sharing your projects!



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