Saturday, September 24, 2016

Savanna Overnight Bag
Made this for our granddaughter to use for her sleep overs at her pals.
 It is roomy and has a tie closure so she can use for bigger items out the top.
It is a reall fun  looking bag with lots of color. Pics do not show it as well.
Room inside for whatever she needs to pack.
This to me was such acute girly fabric.  She loved her new bag but did not get a pic when they were down here Labor Day!!! We had a family cook out and enjoyed a good time with our kids.
Here is our cutie being silly. :-)


  1. What a cute bag! I love the's perfect!

  2. That is beautiful and you did an amazing job on it. Bet she loves it!

  3. What a beautiful bag for your special girl.. I agree , fabulous fabrics...
    Love your new background, sew much easier to read.

  4. She will just love her new sleep over bag....


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