Thursday, July 24, 2014

Word Search
I came across this word search theme fabric online and just knew it had to become a project for Aunt Dot!
She loves her Word Search Books! We always look for ones we think she will enjoy when out and about. The Bible ones are now a favorite along with the Chicken Soup brand.
So after I ordered the word fabric decided on a lap/chair quilt for her 94th birthday gift. Aunt Dot has to use a walker so she sits in her chair most of the time. Besides she is a tiny slip of a gal so no huge quilt. This one is 40x50.
I was looking at a Mo Star Quilt Co. deal of the day and it was a Moda jelly roll called Weeds by Me & My Sister Designs. That was it! The reds, blacks and grays would work wonderfully so ordered it pronto!
Just kept the design simple and it worked up fast. DH decided to take a pic of me quilting!
Thinks I look humorous doing it!
Yes I need a haircut but toying with letting it grow out more....yeah till I get aggravated with it...hahaha!

Anyway had a small table sitting to side and front to help with bulk. Also kept the quilting simple, curving lines, so went quickly. Fully quilted to stand up to washings, not just outline. Found the perfect fabric for binding in my stash. So all good!
Washed up wonderfully! No bleed at all! Did put in some color catchers to be safe. Came out all soft and cuddly! I used a FusiBoo batting , one layer and was not too heavy. Love me some FusiBoo!

Aunt Dot called to say her package arrived an she loves it! That is what it is all about right??!! 
Hope to get a pic with her and her gifts.

So on to next project! Yes that will include some Baby Olivia Grace items!!;-)


  1. That turned out beautifully and I love the word search fabrics.

  2. what a beautiful quilt you made for Aunt Dot!!
    I love black,red, and white quilts!!
    I am looking for fabrics with a white background and words on it in black for the new postcard quilts I have seen done--cute!!!
    have a great week--
    hugs, di and miss gracie--
    and tell hubby that he took a neat picture of you!!

  3. I'musing some fo that fabric in my current project! How cool! Look at you going all contemporary. I love that quilt. I've been eyeing that Weeds line. looks fun.

    I saw you commented on my blog entry, but it didn't moderate correctly. Blogger's been wonky on comment moderation. Thanks for the feedback! Bug hugs from the West!

  4. What a fun quilt for your Aunt. Wow, 94th Birthday! How kind of you to make this something special for her.

  5. Love this quilt and those fabrics! Let's hope your aunt doesn't run out of books and starts working the quilt blocks!

  6. I enjoyed seeing how you work....I just bunch mine up....and it does go fast when you do a simple curve (meandering). Looks great!

  7. You are just a quilting machine!!! You forgot to add your shoulder in as on of your tools!!


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