Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Gals
 Here is sweet Aunt Dot. So pretty on her 94th birthday! She loves her Word Search quilt!
Everyone she showed it too enjoyed seeing it as well. So happy she is using and enjoying it so much!
Here is our new lil grand gal Olivia and her older fur brother Beamer!
Daddy has a leg full with both of them!;-)
Beamer has always been so good with little ones.
He kissed (licked) O after this and she made the funniest face! ;-)
Baby O is growing and doing well. She has almost made it to 10 pounds!
She has a party in a weeks to meet some more family and friends!

We have had beautiful days this week. Low temps and sunshine.
Strange for us in late July but will take it! Had windows open and no AC running!

Sewing here has been slow. I sort of did a sewing crash and burn so hope to get back to it soon.
Have eye dr appt today. Messy one.
Crossing fingers all goes well with it and still stay suspect glaucoma!

DH did not plant gardens this year so we have been enjoying the Smithfield , Va Farmer's Market .
Have enjoyed snap(green) beans and new potatoes, corn, summer squash, egg plant, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, blueberries and peaches. Sure I am forgetting some things.
Not putting up any but just enjoying having fresh veggies for a while.

Almost scary how the days are flying by this least to me!
Here we are beginning the month of August already!
This means Christmas will be here in a few weeks! hahaha.;-)
Well I know for me it will feel like that so really must get my sewing mojo back in gear!
Do have a few birthday(finish) and Christmas gifts I want to make.

Saw something on Facebook was humorous but true.
Went like this: My wish is too keep all the knowledge and wisdom of my years but have the body of a 20 year old and the energy of a 3 year old!!! YES PLEASE!


  1. Dot looks so pleased with that beautiful quilt. I'll bet she will really enjoy it.

  2. Loved the special quilt you made for Aunt Dot. She looks sew happy wrapped in it.
    How sweet is Miss O. Growing sew fast.
    Hope you get your sewing mojo back soon.
    Good luck at the eye doctor.

  3. they are watching hubby for glaucoma too and i want to live to be 94 and still drive a car and sew and can, we can but try!

  4. did you realize that your post showed 'old' and 'new'??
    Lovely Aunt Dot at 94 and baby at a few weeks old--
    how special both are!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  5. Yay Aunt Dot! Miss Olivia is just precious times eleventy.

  6. Love your Facebook quote...too true!

    So happy your Aunt Dot loved her quilt, I knew she would.

    Miss Olivia is getting so big already...10lbs! Adorable little munchkin though.

  7. I love your word search quit, what a marvelous idea. It is easy to tell that it is a true treasure to your Aunt Dot.
    Perfect :)

  8. I love the word find quilt! What awesome fabric! Your little grand daughter is so beautiful, I love the babies. Just welcomed my first great grandchild in March. Congratulations to you Lola!


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