Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More watermelon????

Yes please! ;-)
 This is how I finished up the UFO watermelon slices! Into a runner with some patchwork squares. Did some in the ditch quilting only. Yes I need more practice with that too! Special foot for that was not a lot of help at all.
 With this backing could make it do double duty with Christmas too!

It is sitting on the hearth for now. I am pleased with my finish.

This is how the coasters will look. Next on list to finish.

This is how you get the slices.
Sew circles onto your background fabric. Next slice up that round melon into 4 yummy slices!
Make the background square a tad bigger than I did...yes lesson learned!!!
This technique was shared with me by a gal pal a few years back.
Not sure where it is from originally.
If I knew would post it here.


  1. Your runner looks great! I love it! :0)

  2. That looks fabulous. It is perfect for the summer too.

  3. How cute!! How did you finish the raw edge of the circles? Are they appliqued down? Love the pattern Lola!

  4. Your Watermelon table runner looks delicious....

  5. I want to make some--pout pout pout!!! Need a few dozen more hours in my day.

  6. What a way to make them--great idea--and I even have some of the red fabric with the seeds on it--
    when I find that sewing fairy--I will talk to her about this design!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  7. The runner came out very nice. A great idea to use a seasonal backing then you have two runners in one! Thanks for the tip.

  8. What a cute pattern!!
    I love this watermelons!!! :D

  9. Hey, that's clever! The runner turned out nicely. You are certainly making inroads on those UFOs.

  10. Oh sooo cute!!!! A and I must make some! xxx

  11. I haven't been to your blog for so long. It is just beautiful! Keep it up. Hugs.


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