Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alice's Shopping Bag

 Alice came to visit last week for her birthday! I made her a Quilt Show Shop'n Bag!
It will hold a lot! Has comfy shoulder straps too.

I came across these purple blocks in the thrift store, in a bag. I grabbed up saying then, something for Alice!

Made up the outer bag then quilted it. Decided to add some wool. I did applique with the sewing machine. Went fast and love the look to. So will do more this way instead of all by hand! Yes those are beads as flower centers. Gotta have some bling!

I bought this fabric for lining. Pink with some purple. Other fabric was pink with dots.
The first way I sewed up I took out. It would have made the bag bigger than Alice! She is a cute bitty gal. Makes me feel super tall and I am barely 5'3"!

Here Alice is with her goody bag! Does seem to like it! That is G-man looking at some TV!

You can read more about what was inside the bag at Alice blog!
We do have fun together!
Had a day out this past Saturday.
Did some fabric shopping!
We all need that from time to time and it had been a while for me!
Off to AC Moore we went where I had found some wonderful fabrics for 6.99 a yard!
I will just say I am on Jo Morton overload! Yeah babeee!
DH loves them so I am back to buy a bit more to do a full size quilt for the master's bed!;-)

We came back by LQS to order a straight stitch plate for my Bernina and pick up some more bobbins.
Alice found the sale rack of fabric and got her some more yum yums!

Rain decided to pour on us then all the way home.
Horrid drive across river then out to my home in the country!
My sweet DH did come escort me inside with the umbrella!
He is my knight with a big golf umbrella!

Still tweaking my fabric storage situation.
Hope to soon pull out yet another WIP (work in progress) to finish or get to next level!
Course this is after chores, washing, cleaning and all the other stuff we have to do in a day or weeks time!!


  1. Cute bag! It suits the owner well! Ya know, nothing is more fun that playing with new fabric. I'm glad y'all had so much fun!

  2. I LOVE her bag! You are one talented lady Lola!!

  3. Quilter don't have to do house work--you must of forgotten to read that rule!!!!
    love the bag you made for Alice--
    and I am shorter than she is!!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  4. Cute bag. Love everything about it...fabrics, design and appliqué.

    Sounds like a very successful Saturday shopping trip too!

  5. Yep it was fun!! And now I am busy cleaning and hunting for things. Back to reality!!!

  6. That was a great find and the bag is delightful.

  7. What a perfect bag for the purple lady!!! Happy 4th! xxx


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