Monday, June 3, 2013

Best thing I can say......

 ....about this quilt is it is done! Well those crows on watermelon slices do make me smile!
These blocks were from a long time ago block swap. I do mean long ago as in years and years! Was a sewing group with some sweet gals I belonged too. Beginner to long time stitchers. We just had fun!
I have sewn up the top two times! Each time just laying aside then taking apart! Last time which was go number three is what you see!!
Not all the fabrics used were cotton, some poly blends! Maybe if I was a pro quilter could have made it behave better and end product look better. It is not ugly and still cute. Was thinking will be our picnic quilt. I just pinned it to the vintage quilt for a pic. DH likes it hung up.. go figure, sweet man thinks all my projects are wall worthy!;-)

Two things I did different from my normal way of doing this stuff...not that what I do is the RIGHT WAY just my way!
1.quilted and washed  before binding. No more!
2. my binding was cut WOF not with grain of fabric as I have always done!
So yes there is a couple 'flappy' looking sides there!
Just saying  did not work well for me. If works for you great!
I am not going to stress over this kinda stuff anymore. It what it is and still can enjoy it!

So on to next UFO project....more watermelon slices!!!

Lord the number of UFOs hiding in here is amazing!!!!


  1. Oh Lola, I miss the blog days where you could click on a picture and it would come up by itself, and bigger! I want to drool close up and personal! hah! Anyway, I love the quilt. I have so many ufo's I need to get to, you give me some get up and go!!

  2. You are a mess woman!!! It is precious, hubby is right--it needs to be shown off to the world.
    and I can't wait to see the new old one put together. You are being motivational again. Thank you!

  3. Yay for a finish and not forgotten blocks for somebody in a sale. Wink

  4. Wow, you are really moving along with those projects! Love the watermelons...very appropriate for summer.

  5. Go Lola go!!!!! Get those UFOs done!!!!

  6. It's a fun quilt and captures summer's favourites. You must have one of the best UFO collections in the country!

  7. Wow, you are on a roll getting all the UFO's done. Great quilt for the hot summer.


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