Wednesday, May 9, 2012

melt down

Yes....I had a melt down on Sunday morning! We had a flood in the house! A pipe in the entry way closet decided to leak...big time! MESS! Water soaked flooring, carpet soaked through to sub flooring , walls soaked though! Called insurance they had ServPro out here Monday. Tore up my house! Yes all this after been working like mad to get ready for home care after knee replacment surgery coming up here on 22nd! So melt down may have been an understatement!

Ripped up carpet, took out sub flooring and pad. All entry way and closet wood laminate floors gone, cut out dry wall in closet. Sewing studio backs up to that wall ! Yes tore up my new flooring and subfloor. Wall soaked as well! Had to move stuff out, not in the best fashion!

Have these huge dehumidifiers and heat blowers in both rooms, tubes and wires going up the hall to bathroom! Temp in living room yesterday was 87!

Just a mess! No idea how things will work out for repairing and my surgery! Still aways from dry with the readings they took yesterday and today. Did estimate on repairs work up today to send to insurance. Fella says  he will get right too it as soon as he gets go ahead from ServPro. Has to order flooring and such. If wall has to be replaced in studio will have to be paneling to match. Though that is a nice heavy one you do not see anymore. We just painted it!
He also said a storage pod will be delivered to store stuff in for the repairs to be made. So we went and bought some totes so I can pack up some of my things.
I am on my bitty Inspire lap top. As soon as I can get to PC in sewing studio will try to post some pics.

Off to very early appt at hospital in the morning for more tests! ugh! They are going to wear me out before they ever cut on me!


  1. Oh no! Hang in there hope everything will dry out soon.

  2. Oh that stinks!!! Hope all goes well with your tests!!

  3. OH NO!!! I am so very sorry!!!
    We had bad storm Friday night. Worse wind I ever heard except tornado but this was close but a lot longer. Like bursts in hurricanes but longer...Blew tree over on neighbors house. They were out of town. Major major damage...

    I was more afraid during Friday night's 20 minutes than any of the 'canes we've had and tornado was over by time we figured out what was taking place...
    my knee better since shot last week. . . see how long it lasts.

  4. Oh yuck, what a mess! We've been thru a flood and so glad it was a rental. Hope all goes away like it never happened (as they say in the commercial).
    Geesh, hope the hospital tests aren't too owie.

  5. I guess the expression, "When It Rains It Pours" might fit this situation. I hope all will be restored before your surgery.

  6. oh i am so sorry to hear that. I know what a mess that can be. Been there done that.. Hope it gets replaced fast and done right
    Hugs Susan

  7. Oh no! After all that hard work. I'd have a meltdown too! Hopefully they will work this out so you can get things back to normal and still enable you to heal from surgery without issue.

    Big hugs. Huge hugs...

  8. OH....timing is not good at all, that that we want this to happen...hope it all turns out okay for you.

  9. when it rains it pours as my mother use to say pray every thing gets better

  10. This is definitely not good. Hope they can quickly get this all fixed for you.


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