Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sewing Machine Covers

This is one of my machine covers. Keeps the dust off the machine and protects it too.
If you do not have one and may have been thinking of making one check out Liz's post on her blog... Moments .
Liz is hosting a Sewing Room Sew Along and this month it is machine covers.
She has posted a lot of links to other blogs or sites that share how they made theirs.
Lots on inspiration!

I got crowned today.. twice! Yes the perm crowns came in finally!  Now one more appliance and procedure then my mouth  makeover ( what I call it)will be completed! I like my dentist but still hate going to the dentist! hahaha!

I gave in and put AC on. Hate too but was too stuffy in here when I got back home today!
Big fat cat Marmalade loves it! Crazy kitty gal!
I am hoping it is a temporary thing and can soon go back to lower temperatures again.

Another day off to big city for me tomorrow. Have my pre-op appt with my GP.
I also have to go by hospital Pharmacy to buy a kit.
It has some things in it to help me do 'normal' things after surgery.
I also need to buy some twin size sheets.
So will need a nap when I get back home !;-)


  1. Gosh Lola, it's like you are getting a whole body makeover! You should be good as new by the time you get through!

  2. I've got a temp on my tooth and keep forgetting not to eat on that side. I can't wait to get the town and done! Enjoy the nap after all that going...and yep AC is a must.

  3. Nice sewing machine cover.. Yea I have 3 to make with Liz Sew Along. yours is beautiful

  4. Love your sewing machine cover Lola..
    thanks for the link. Will pop over to check it out.

  5. I like that sewing machine cover. NICE...I sold your Pinterest notice in RED at the top of your blog. You can put a code on your blog that will not allow people to pin from it. I did that.

  6. woohooooo! I can read your blog from my home computer again! apprently I have to read it via Chrome....(snicker-snort)!


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