Monday, May 14, 2012

Leak Damage and Blog Break

 Update: All is good to go! Surgery is on schedule for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22, at 12:30. Have to be at hospital at 10:30 AM. Repairs at home will resume in a weeks time.
I am hoping to be home by Friday!
Ready to get  surgery and the rest all behind me!!!!
Thanks for all the wonderful wishes  and prayers!!
I appreciate you all!!

This is the entry and the closet. Pipe is in closet wall. Main water pipe from the pump to the house.
They took up carpet padding and the sub flooring . Wall in closet will go also. Pulled out insulation in walls and under house that was soaked.

Here is some of the drying blowers and dehumidifiers they set up.
 Here are the Serv Pro workers tearing out sewing studio floor including closet area. So almost half went that day. All will be ripped out this week. Contractor and crew will be here Thursday to begin.
This too went down to the plywood.

Don't know if you can see how much the wall is bowed out or not. That paneling soaked up a lot of water.

They set up more equipment in sewing studio.
Did right away took out some things but not all at that time.
Has all dried now. ServPro came got the equipment. Now all the repairs, replacements and cleaning left up to the repair contractor.

All my sewing studio and part of the living room is now hiding in this POD!
Spent Mother's Day with DH and son packing it all up!

No way will all be done by May 22nd! I am just going to 'let it go' nada worrying will do for me. One day at a time is all we can do.

Have had a possible problem develop that may move surgery date out further. Will know more at my GP Dr. appt tomorrow!
Ok now what is that saying about what does not kill ya will make ya stronger????? Just call me Mrs. Hulk!!!
I am going to take a blog break for a few weeks now. Just too much going on and none of it is fun stuff!
Hope to be able to at least read  some blogs after surgery!
So take care everyone!
Thanks for all the kudos!!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are going through so much just now, how awful to have all that water running through your sewing studio. I quite understand why you need a break, I will miss you, come back soon.........



  2. Oh my~ I would've been right beside you melting down too! I can see why a break is needed too~ take some time for yourself!!

  3. Wow Lola, you sure have had your hands full. We had water damage at our old house when the kitchen faucet developed a leak we were not aware of. After returning from an extended trip, I found water pooled on top of the counters. But the water had soaked into the lower cabinets. The drawers would not even open. All had to be torn out, including the dry wall. So I know a little about what you are going through. Biggest difference is the house was empty, as we were trying to get it ready to put on the market. Take care and peek in when you can.

  4. Hugs. You are handling it with much more grace than I would! Get rest now that everything is all packed up. And give that pesky ols pipe a swift kick from me for causing this mess.

  5. Oh my goodness.I am sorry
    you certainly did not need this now .

    Hugs to you !!


  6. So Sorry sweetie ...

  7. You have a lot piled on you right now, so we all understand that blogging will take a back seat. All the best to you as you take care of your challenges.

  8. Oh my...what a mess! At least you're on the road to getting it cleaned up! :0)

  9. This is what nightmares are in real life! See you when you get back.

  10. I am so sorry you are having to go through all this on top of upcoming surgery!!! {{{{HUGS}}}}

  11. Yikes!!! Hope it all works out! I'm keeping u in my prayers!!

  12. Good luck with the surgery, hope everything will be fixed soon, I;ll keep ya in my prayers.

  13. all I can I feel for you sista! it will all work out for ya! (mauh) Liz

  14. sorry so much trouble hope you recover from surgery great

  15. Oh, Lola! As if you didn't have enough already!
    Take care and keep in touch!

  16. Oh I am soooo sorry! Hang in there girlie!


Luv hear'in from ya!!