Friday, August 26, 2011

As ready as we can be...

...for whatever Irene brings us.
We had 3 properties to get ready! Whew! Tired and worn out!
There is a chance our Direct TV dish and the Hughes Net dish may blow off roof!
So if is does we will be without internet for a goodly bit!
I may be out of pocket for a while.
Do have a TV we can use without DTV but can only get local channels...oh how sad... haha!
We have become so spoiled with what we think we need these days!

Since I cannot share what I have been working on decided to share something from my niece!

Tom Turkey all framed up!
Sat him on the mantle and he was like YEAH BABBEE this is my spot! I rock this mantle...;-)
I am so ready for Fall and begin pulling out the decor stuff!!
This storm put a stop to the work that was to be done this weekend on the new floors! UGH!

Hope we all pass this storm safe and sound along with our homes and loved ones!
I will be saying prayers and thinking of everyone who may be affected by this hurricane along with us!

God bless and keep you in his care!


  1. Battening down the hatches, eh? I hope Irene passes you by this weekend! I think you've had enough to worry about lately.

    Love your new blog header, by the way. Very nice! And Tom is wonderful! I'm not sure I'm quite ready for fall. Don't get me wrong - it's my favourite season. But fall here is very short and then it brings winter, which is soooo long.

  2. Hang in there. Looking forward to hearing how you weathered it. (No pun intended. LOL)

  3. ahope all goes well and Irene passes without and problems.

  4. This has been a whirl wind hasn't it Lola? I pray for your safety, and your family's.

  5. One eye is out the window and the other is surfing the net! For as long as that will last. The attic fan has begun to rattle...

  6. Nature's looking to throw everything she has at you folks. Hang in there, Lola! Stay safe. Ann :-)

  7. Hope this storm has been downgraded. Stay safe.

  8. Be safe she's big & wicked!! Her tail was worse than the front!! Just got my power back!!

  9. Stay safe!!! Let us know when the storm has passed...


Luv hear'in from ya!!