Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Stuff...

Not a lot of sewing to report on at the moment.
Some I can not share here as they are gifts!;-)
Other things going on too.
Trying to decide where to put our Christmas Tree.
I had intended to do a nice full big table top tree but
DH wants to put up a floor one.
So will do the 7 ft one.
Still have the mantle and dining room to do also.
Hope to pull it all out Friday and have it done by Sunday!
DH and son still have more work to do on replacing trim and gutters, shutters hung and painting outside.
So not sure when the outside decor will get up.
Have done some cyber shopping and a bit of in store as well for gifts.
Really not to much to do anyway.

I know Thanksgiving is over but had to share this cute towel!
Meet Gobble! He is adorable!
Di of Quilting is Blissful made him for me!
Thanks again Di and Gracie!!

Are these acorns not wonderful?!
They are made to look like old Mercury Glass!
Walmart 2 bucks each!!

Awonderful Tuesday Morning find is these Jim Shore Snowman napkins!

Do hope to get more other stuff done so I can get back into my sewing groove!


  1. No tree or decorations up here either, Lola. I'm a bit too busy - or lazy, you might say - right now. And every time I think of doing it, I find something else to do. But soon...soon... I don't think I'll get past this weekend without doing something!

    Love your Gobble towel. What a nice gift!

    Hope all is well over your way :)

  2. Our tree isn't up yet either.
    Love those acorns!
    The Jim Shore napkins are great!!!

  3. I sew need some of those acorns! I'll have to check my local WalMart...they are just the cutest!

  4. Hi Lola--love your great finds--I have seen alot of acorn tree decorations this year--crazy--but I do like them!!!
    Gracie is having "fits" it's her play time and mommy is not off the computer yet and she is letting me know that she is unhappy about it!!!
    Hugs, Di

  5. I had grand plans for decorating this Christmas... But I ran out of time, plus now we will be mid move so no decorating here. I'm almost relieved.

  6. Haven't decorated here keep putting it off. Like your finds and header.

  7. Love the cute napkins.
    Di is a sweetie--I guess I better name mine Gobble-ette.

  8. You're way ahead of me Lola, I haven't started decorating, and only have 2 people off our Christmas list. LOVE Jim Shore, so love these napkins!

  9. Love the Jim Shore napkins. Makes me want to head out to Tuesday Morning tomorrow!

  10. I think you started something with showing those adorable napkins! We don't have a Tuesday Morning...bummer! LOL
    Enjoy your week!!

  11. No cecorations or tree up at my cottage either. I have to get to it soon!LOL


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