Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Magazine and new author to check out...

I was loaned some Cooking with Paula Deen magazines to look through.
Wow Paula has gotten more and more glamours lookin ! Haa!
I do enjoy her mag a lot.
Some of the recipes I know I will try at some point, others well maybe not.;-)
This mag not only has recipes in it also many neat articles to read and photos to see.
Check it out ! A year subscription would make a nice Christmas Gift.

Well in the July/August 2008 copy I came across an article about author Gail Fraser.
She writes a series of books called the Lumby book series.
Oh my the art work on them, which is done by her husband, Art Poulin, caught my eye!!
Then as I read about her books I have become intrigued by them. Lumby is a small town.
So looked them up online. Check her and the books out here.

I plan to go to my local library site next to see if they have a copy of Lumby Lines the first one.

Here available from Barnes and Nobles Online.

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