Monday, September 29, 2008


My niece D was over Sunday and we came across some cheese cloth.
I was telling her about these ghosts I had made from it before.
Here are a couple pics.
Easy to do. Using the fabric stiffener.
You wet the cheese cloth then drape it as you want it over a balloon stuck onto a bottle or boss size soda.
Has to dry a while. Add the eye holes then made from black felt.
Then you can move them as you want.
Now I know I saved the ones I made that year but they seem to have VANISHED!!!
So be sure to enjoy them while they are around as they just may disappear as ghosts are known to do!!!!


  1. Oh they are adorable! Maybe I do need to do some of those!!

  2. How CUTE are those? Is fabric stiffener the same thing as starch?

  3. Humm sounds like we need to have a 'spooky gathering' to make some!!
    Will clean house then see.
    No, or at least I have not used starch, fabric stiffner is more like white glue mixed water or the spray kind like Aleene's Stiffen Quick..oh my am I chuckling now thinking about some TV drug commercials... haaa!! Oh I am bad tonight!

  4. Oh how easy! I sent directions to a friend to make for his boys. They'll love them!


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