Friday, August 1, 2008

Sew Along with Pat Sloan

Pat is having a FUN sew along to her book Crooked Cabin Quilts, on her FUN BLOG and
Yahoo Group! Can order the book from her store.
My goodness you get the designer gal herself helping with lessons in your own home! How cool is that!!!!
Such a fun way to use those large theme fabbies!!
I can't do the sew along with them right now but I am keeping the tips for when I begin mine!!
I want to do 2 ....Halloween one and Christmas one!!
I adore Pat's designs so fun and whimsical!
She makes it easy (understandable) and so freeing!!!

Here is the flip flops I used on totes for some young ones and ME!!. FUN!!!
As you can see in above pic at top I have a few of her books...more not in pic! ;-)
I have shown some of her designs I have made in the blog header.
I adore machine appliqué and Pat has helped me take the fear out of it.
Course my Bernina Baby QE 153 ...helps too!!;-)

Check out Pat's quilt design patterns, books and her fabric lines when you are at her store ordering the Crooked Cabin Quilts book...;-)
She also has a free pattern page there along with a newsletter you can sign up for.

I made this one for my Mama , Love in the Air, went to hospital with her every time!
I have it now in my sewing room!

She just had a Farmers Market Block sew along on her Yahoo Group and some of the cutest quilts came out of this one!
Look for her designs in many magazines ...quilt, sewing and craft ones.
Check out Pat's Web Page to see what she is up to.
If Pat ever gets down to 'Southern' Virginia again for a class. I hope to attend!!


  1. LOVE those Lola Flip Flops! Talent, such TALENT!

  2. Love the totes Lola........
    All the ladies in your family are so lucky to have their own personal seamstress that surprises them with goodies........

  3. Now why does that flip flop tote look so familiar? LOL

  4. I love those flip flop totes! I have over 20 pairs of flip flops, kind of a freak about them! Those are totally awesome!


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