Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wrap Skirt

Well now I do not sew all my own clothes or even many at all anymore.
Just once in a while..;-)
I do have fabric to make up some heavy winter shirts, some silk for some simple dresses and even some soft fabby for some sleep wear. Just need to get to it I reckon.
I did sew right much when my kids were small and during high school years. I also sewed many of my own maternity clothes .
I used to sew out fits for my Mama and Mother-in-Law.
Was just not my fav thing to do!!;-)

I do like simple patterns as I am not a perfect 'seamstress' by any means.
So I go for the easy ones that say 2 hrs or less. Ha!!
I have also found with some patterns I CAN NOT understand all the directions...need lots of pics!!!

I am now into 'comfort dressing' as well. Not sloppy dressing!!
This is what prompted this latest 'sewing frenzy'.
Yes I call it a frenzy as when one hits me I do several things.

I am in need of some easy comfy wearing skirts.
For 5 weeks I am going to have some knee injections done..poor old things need some help..;-)
Anyway I wore a pair of Capri's last Tuesday and nurse had to roll them up.
I get on table, nurse preps me , surgeon shoots them up, then nurse cleans me up.
So got to thinking a skirt would be easier.

Looked through my patterns and I had a 2 hr easy one for a wrap skirt.
New Look by Simplicity 6637 JUST THE TICKET!
Well almost...sadly or inevitably( in my genes ;-) I have gained some weight since last I made one.
Had to adjust my dress form (not mini me anymore) and my pattern for that.
Did pretty good I think.
I like a fitted waist more then elastic which can make my rear look bigger then it is...;-)
This skirt is a nice long a-line look not a swingy full one.

Oh yeah the fabric I used...well I had bought some nice at sheets thrift and they worked out fine!!
Go figure!!! ;-) No, it does NOT look like I used a sheet either! Ha!!
I have soft t-shirts from Coldwater Creek that match the skirts!!

So here is a pic of the first one.
I am almost done with second one, and one more after that!!

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  1. Cute skirt! I think I could handle something like that!


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