Wednesday, August 6, 2008

tomato and treasures...

So see my first 'mater on the hanging bag planter??
Small but look'in good! May have to pick it today!
Loaded with bigger green ones too!!
As you can see it did grow UP though!! Ha!!!

Here also is a few 95 cent thrift treasures.
The two ice cream dishes are for DH. He had looked at some at the big box store.
These came taped together for 95 cents much better deal! ;-)
Also got these two jack o punkin muffin top pans!!
I do think I know a 'baker gal' who just may enjoy these!!!
Yes the two for 95 cents!!

The store was also doing a sale on Christmas items one get TWO FREE!!
Sadly I did not see anything I really wanted.
I keep thinking about these ice tea glasses I saw, though not vintage but looked it...hummm.
NO!!! Have plenty!


  1. Love those bargains, especially the jack o lantern pans!! And you spent less than 96 cents per bargain this time!!

  2. Don't you just love picking your very own tomatoes!! Me too!
    BTW Your thrift store finds are great. Love the ice cream dishes. I have some like that too... Makes an ice cream sundae look so special! The jack- o- lantern tins I had not seen before..... Lucky you.what a deal ;-}


Luv hear'in from ya!!