Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Words of the DAY!!

BACK UP... BACK UP... BACK UP.. those files!!!
My sweet hubby was 'helpin' me last night with my pics and accidentally deleted a bunch from the recycle bin!!!
We are hoping we can retrieve them with a recover files type software. We shall see.
Oh the drama!! HA!! We(he) had not backed them up since April of last year!!!
My job is to remind him...who reminds me to remind him I ask!!!
Yes loads of personal 'stuff' has been going on here but we are normally so much better at it then that! BAD US!
So heed my words fellow 'picture taker savers'...back up often!!!
My good pal Kim has kindly sent me some of my pics back! At least that is something even if we can't get the files back. Thanks sweet Kim!!!

Oh well live goes on and around here that can be in any direction good, bad or indifferent!;-)
I am sitting here waiting on the warm temps we are to be getting, We do have to take some rain along with them but hey it is a trade off I can stand, just please be 60 degrees like the weather folks say!!

Have to take a break from my creative endeavors today to actually do some house work as in CLEAN.
Oh well into each life dirt does fall and there comes a time we HAVE to clean it up...at least try.
I try to look at it as part of my calorie burn regimen.
I also get to wear my vintage Clean Up Apron!! Yeah me!!!

So I cross my fingers and go forth with my day in hopes no more drama will show up today other then on the TV with Law and Order reruns!!

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