Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Better Days....

I am beginning to wonder when they will arrive...those better days!
Been some tough going months here and we are not out of the woods yet!
My DH is having some serious health issues that begin with kidney failure.
Now we are dealing with more issues that were the cause of the kidney failure and other problems.
We are trying to do the one day at a time plan and keep our thoughts positive.

My sewing has been hit or miss but did a few projects.
This is a runner I made for our DIL's parents to celebrate their 50th golden wedding anniversary .
Did mean to get a better pic  and one of them with it but did not happen!
 Used two of the single wedding ring blocks.
 The blocks came out close to 15 inches. Would make a lovely large quilt for a bride.
Found this wonderful golden color floral fabric for the border.  The ring in the block made from a pretty over dyed golden fabric.
 Best pic I could get of some of the quilting. Did rings and hearts in the blocks.
 Rest was straight line channel quilting around blocks and in borders.

So proud I did remember to label it too!
Was very pretty and happy to say was happily accepted!


  1. Sending you love dear. I hope they can put a stop on hubby's issues asap. Will say a prayer for y'all!

  2. Sorry to read of your hubbys health issues, hope he's feeling better soon.
    Beautiful table runner.

  3. So sorry to hear about your hubby's health problems. I hope all will be resolved soon.

  4. I am glad to hear that hubby is getting better, at least that is how I read this post--am sorry that you both have had so many health issues, but I guess that is what happens when I gets along in years!!! Am thinking and praying for you and your family--love the runner and what thought and work went into it--great job--
    love and laughter,di

  5. It's beautiful Lola, glad you got some sewing done in the midst of all that is going on xxx

  6. It sounds like you have really had a lot to handle lately. I will keep you both in my prayers and hope they can get to the bottom of it soon.

    Your runner turned out beautifully.

  7. Keeps you and yours in my prayers!
    Runner is beautiful!


Luv hear'in from ya!!