Friday, July 17, 2015

Get what ya pay for...buyer beware....

Both may be apt for this post.
Was shopping one day at a chain fabric store and saw some items on sale for a REALLY great price.
I had used some of this brand flannel yardage and fats qts for several baby projects before and needed to whip up some more projects for another baby on the way.
So scooped up the fat qtrs for 97 cents each , charm packs for 1.97 each and jelly roll for 3.00.
Figured I had a grand deal!!!
Well how in the world the charms were cut is beyond me!!! Some had bias on ALL SIDES. All wonky cut  and a hot mess.
So I took them and re-cut down to a workable size.Took some time as I needed quite a few for the baby patch receiving blanket!
So was not surprised when I unrolled the jelly roll and the strips were wobbly wonky messes as well.
More trimming. So took extra time and loss of fabric but did make it work!
Have to say the fat quarters were fine. So if you happen upon these deals you will be warned...;-)
 I have been busy sewing.  A bundle almost ready to mail.  Burp cloths, bibs and blankets.
The patch blanket.
 Changing pad or really a small quilt!
Even dozen bibs! All so cute!
So one package off to Texas for a soon to be born little fella and a couple more to follow.


  1. I've been forewarned Lola, thanks for the heads up! After all the work you had to do to get them all straightened, I have to say they all turned out beautiful! One lucky little baby for sure,.

  2. I just had a similar experience...I scooped up two layer cakes at a really good price only to discover that there was only 5 different prints in each layer cake. Yes, it's get what you pay for!

  3. Yes you do get what you pay for but I think you still got an UNBLIEVABLE cheap deal. Would never get anything at the price Down Under, even if its wonky and look at all the fabulous baby things you made out of the fabrics.. Gorgeous !!!!

  4. Oh Lola love the change of background and print on your blog. Sew easy to read. XXX

  5. Good and timely advice but in the end you managed to salvage enough fabric to make some very sweet projects.

  6. I read about a similar experience on another blog recently about the fabric being cut badly.

  7. Oh what cute baby items--makes me want to have a baby--okkk--maybe a grandchild--okkk--I will just have to love yours instead!!!

  8. That is so frustrating even when you buy the name brand items..sometimes they just don't work. Love all of your projects. Glad you we able to make good use of the fabrics.

  9. Do you have your bib pattern on your blog somewhere? Is so, how can I find it?

  10. Lucky family on the receiving end of this bundle....very nice.


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