Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cool November Day

We are cold and gray today. Wind out of NE. BURRR. Pretty Fall colors still all around though.
Sadly we had to have our plumber come work on well pump today. Darn$$
Oh well I am sure he considered the job a $ blessing and happy we could cover it!
Love Fall and love November! It is my birthday month. ;-)
I have had a wonderful birthday. Spent the day with sweet gal pals in Smithfield,Va.
We went to some shops and out for lunch. We had a ball!

Really the celebrating covered a week or so! I have no problems with that! ;-)

This sweet lil gal blowing bubbles took me out for breakfast Sunday morning!
We had a grand time enjoying her sweet company. Olivia is such a good baby.
Growing so fast. Want her to slow up!
 DH cooked my fav birthday meal of local oysters fried with coleslaw and hush-puppies.
 We by passed the french fries this time! Was very yummy indeed!
Yes the dear man once again baked my fav cake..Boston Cream Pie! Lordy is it some kinda good.

Received some wonderful gifts I will enjoy. My fav and best gift of all was time spent with those I hold dear, my family and friends. Sweet memories I will keep in my heart forever!
Time to put the Halloween away and pull out Tom Turkey! We are so near our USA Thanksgiving Day!
We enjoy spending time with our family on Thanksgiving.  Being so very grateful for those dear faces around us and our many blessings.

Speaking of blessings my big (much older;-)brother will soon be Great Gramps to twins! Sweet baby boy and darling baby girl! So GGAuntie L best get in gear!
Will share that project soon!!!


  1. Happy birthday Lola! That baby girl is adorable!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday and best wishes for a great year ahead. That wee one is a great way to celebrate the day. Darling! That Boston Cream Pie looks pretty yummy too.

  3. Oh my--you got babies coming everywhere!!!
    And I will be down the first part of May so your DH can bake me one of those lovely Boston Creme pies for my B-day--they are also my favorites along with a german chocolate cake!!!!
    stay warm--cold here today too--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. Love the blowing bubbles....and food!


Luv hear'in from ya!!