Monday, November 24, 2014

Blue for Boy Pink for Girl
 Yes it seems an old fashioned idea these days but hey with these cute fabrics not terribly old fashioned!
Used some coupons at Joann's Fabrics on these flannel bundles from Land of Whimzie. I  used my first flannel bundle for Olivia a flannel quilt. Washes up wonderfully so soft. No shrinkage.As matter of fact there is a giveaway going on here for these two bundles! No connection to me just happen to see it. Ends Nov 27th.
 I have managed to get my squares all cut out.  I also bought cute polka dot flannel fabric for the backings.
Beginning with the cute boy one. So all laid out as I want. Now to try to sew up with out mixing them up!!
These are for our first set of twins on my side of family! My great great nephew and niece! My older brother is their Great Gramps! They were born by Cesarian last Wednesday. Ryder at 6.15 pounds and Rylee at 6.9 pounds! Cute as they can be! They are a long ways from us here but we get to share all the joy on Facebook and through emails.
So warm flannel quilts and some burp cloths will soon be on the way from GG Auntie!

Been way laid by yet another head cold and infection!! So sick of this mess already!!
Went to dr for one thing and ended up with another horrid cold! Just had one last month too!
Beginning to think the masks and gloves are not a bad idea! ;-)

Have a country ham on cooking for Thanksgiving at son's home. Hope I am better by then! Do not want to make baby Olivia sick again too!   Woe is me....;-(

We have gone from freezing temps back up to 70's today! Roller coaster weather. Least the sun is trying to shine. May sit on porch a bit to soak up some Vit D!


  1. Are taking some good vitamins????
    and drink green tea-that helps to keep you from infections!!
    and I know that everytime I go to the dr office, even for my monthly shot of B-12--that I worry if I will get sick!!
    I don't touch any thing I don't need to while there--
    and if I see someone is sick next to me--I do move!!
    and take your own reading material--don't read the magazines there in the office==they are full of 'germs;
    ok--that is my motherly advice for today--
    eat some really spicey food today and that should help kill some of todays cold--
    hugs, di and miss gracie--
    and I love those new babies too!!

  2. Cute fabrics and darling wee ones. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Wow, lots of babies going on in your family! Congratulations!! How lucky they are to have a gramma that makes quilts!


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