Friday, May 9, 2014

Shopping and Thrifting Luck

Alice had a day off and was not raining so we met up for a day out.
We went to Bella's Quilt Shop which had a sale going on.
Needed some border fabrics. Found some that will work great on the 50% sale table!
Love that when it happens!
They hve moved to a new location and I had not been there yet.
Is a bit bigger than place they had before but two bridges further away from me now.
Super close to Alice now! Could be a bad thing....hahhhaaa!

We left there and went out for lunch.
With our tummy's full we decided to go junk'n!
This is 14 yards of fabric from a CHKD Thrift Store. Came out to $1.35 a yard!
Top two pieces are headed for some warm weather tops.
The others are nice cottons for backings!
I also picked up a pair of capris and a summer top!

Such a happy day out we enjoyed!!
Thanks for a wonderful day out Pal o Mine!
Was much needed fun and laughter!!!
 Hope we have more such days ahead with the warmer weather.

 I told Alice I need to sew up some (3) I Spy quilts for some little ones. I have bought a few quarter yards along with trying to 'locate' my bag of I Spy fabrics I have 'filed away' somewhere in this sewing room! Well she said she would bring me some fabrics to use.
Holy Fat Quarter Bat Gal!!! Look at this tote full!
I do not think the squares I will cut from this pile will put much of a dent in it!!!
Me thinks Alice needs to make another I Spy quilt too...;-)


  1. ooh, Cool stuff. I went to a fabric de-stashing sale today and scored some vintage sheeting fabric. Lots of it! And some other stuff, too!

  2. Oh you lucky gals!!! What a fun day out! Hmmm... Alice forgot to "confess" her shopping spree.. oh well :) Glad you both had so much fun!! xxxx

  3. Hi Lola--I am jealous that you two had such a fun day and I could not be there!!!
    I have been reading your posts--but I have been doing way too much and some nights my fingers and brain just no longer worked to email you or to leave a comment!!
    Oh--and Alice and I have a date for Monday--
    a sewing day--we want to sew all day!!
    want to join us??
    love, di and that darn cat???

  4. Sounds like you had a really good day! I am happy for you. Enjoy your new fabric.

  5. Boy! You scored totally today!


Luv hear'in from ya!!