Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Mail Day

Ya know most days the mail is less than stellar. If any mail at all it is bills or junk mail!
Well I had a super duper mail day!

This is the lovely prize I won on Sew Cal Gal's Pets on Quilts Show!
It is a super cute necklace crafted by Debbie and Pam of 1 Stitch Off.
These are very unique fun pieces of jewelery!

Click on the link and check out others in their collection in their Etsy shop!!
Make wonderful gifts for that special person and we do have Christmas coming at us !!!
Please go check them out and say Lola sent ya!

Thanks so much to Darlene for putting on the Pets on Quilts Show an drawing my name!
Thanks to Debbie and Pam for contributing such a fun prize !

Yes that special mail day just kept on getting better!
DH and I received a Thank You gift card to the Smithfield Station.
It is a restaurant/hotel/marina in Smithfield, VA.
Not sure when we will use it but something to look forward too!!

Had to include a pic of something sewing related and "Fallish".
So here is a runner I made last Fall using the Accuquilt Go! cutter.
Still nothing 'new' to share from the sewing room.
Not to say there are not things 'cook'n' in that department!!
Always something on the hob in there.

House is still a mess!
More things to be finished with the flooring and painting.
Why is it, even the simplest or seemly smallest improvement can tear up the whole house!!
Reckon in small homes like this one that is the norm!

Remember this famous quote:
It's not what you don't have; it's what you do with what you do have!

Kitty Bartholomew is the one who coined that phrase!
I need to get it stitched an hung up on my wall!
I used to love her show on HGTV.
Kitty was probably the original recycling and re-purposing queen!
Here is a link to the lovely Santa Monica cottage Kitty shared in books and on TV.
So many things she did there I really loved.

We do have enough!
Just need to get busy putting it all where it needs to be in an artful user friendly way!
Oh Kitty come help me! ;-)

Okay now back to the salt mines wearing my love-er-ly necklace!!!!


  1. I have a necklace from one stitch off and I love it! Your tablerunner looks great too! :0)

  2. You deserve those terrific treats Lola. Such a pretty necklace. Did you have fun using the Go Cutter? You certainly made a lovely table runner. ann :-)

  3. Wow you really hit the jackpot!! The necklace is adorable and your tablerunner looks awesome!


Luv hear'in from ya!!