Thursday, August 19, 2010

Got 'cha covered...

Composition Notebook that is...;-)
Making the older grands each one of these cute covers with a pocket.

The fabric is a Robert Kaufman print from Hancock's.
Thought was cute with all the #2 pencils.

Here is the inside.
They can be removed to wash or put on another note book when necessary.
Yes we will include some other supplies..pencils, pens and a rule.

Raining here today!
Enjoying it so much.
The trees, shrubs , etc. are getting a nice drink.

Have not been online much. Down with my back since Sunday.
DH and I lost our minds and decided WE could move some heavy things around!
We think maybe we have learned a lesson...maybe...;-)


  1. Sorry to hear about your back and hope it's better soon. The book covers are terrific! Jessi has been feverish today....seems to be under control, but kind of just "hanging out". I'm sad it happened to her on the one week of the year she looks forward to for so long...her vacation here with us. :(

  2. oh my, I hope your back feels better soon. I love that notebook cover. I have some girly notebooks that could use that. great idea.

  3. Get well soon! I love the notebook cover!

  4. That is an idea I have been thinking to do for my craft show if I get a chance. Job well done.

  5. That is a clever cover idea.

    Now stop moving heavy stuff and sit and relax a bit.

  6. The heaviest thing you should lift is your "iron"--did you not know that????
    Love the fabric and the cover--cute!!
    get better---
    hugs, Di

  7. Love the covers!!
    I'm with you on moving stuff & hurting my back! Hope it feels better soon!

  8. You sew the cutest, most practical things! Now quit with the furniture moving!

  9. What a great idea. Love the notebook cover.
    I am so sorry about you being down on your back. I can totally empathize. 2 months ago, I finally got off all the narcotics the doc had me on for my own back problems. It took me 6 months to do it..and was the hardest thing I ever did. Now I am just on tramadol. But a heating pad works best.
    Yesterday I was helping my hubby set up at our quilt show, and I had to go lay down in the back of the car. I've learned when to call it quits, and just be humble...and say, "No I can't do anymore."
    Please take care of yourself!

  10. Oh my be careful. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. Your book covers are great, my dear. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  12. What a great book cover, and I love, love the owls

  13. Sorry to read that you have overdone it. Take care of yourselves. The journal covers look terrific! ann...

  14. They will love the fabric. Hope you recover quickly....


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