Sunday, August 1, 2010

August already...

Can you believe it?? Already August!
Seems like just yesterday we were chatting about how cold it is yada! yada! yada!
Now how hot and dry...soon cool again ya reckon?
Time is marching on for sure!

I seem to still have no better idea how to manage my time any better than I did this time last year... saying the same thing!
Have I reached some goals I had set out for myself on Jan 1... Yes.
Have I reached all I wanted by this time...No.
So what have I learned from this??
Not to set goals maybe...well not exactly...;-)
I will still set goals as they give me something to work toward.
Just maybe be more realistic with my time tables.
No matter how perfect your plans are LIFE has a way of getting in the way.

Thinking some of my bigger plans I can break up into phases.
Sort of like eating a big sandwich in small bites! ;-)
I have always been a WANT IT NOW kinda gal.
Gonna just have to change my ways.
My home may not be just as I want it right now but I have a perfectly good roof over my head.
Food in my cupboards and a few vehicles in the drive way.
A room to call my own filled with fabrics, patterns, books, machines and loads of ideas!!!
I am blessed when so many have so much less.

Speaking of blessed we got some RAIN finally!!
Almost an inch of the good wet stuff!!!
Took video !! Ha!ha!ha!
Could not get it to load up here.
So here is a pic instead!!

Yard sale was Saturday.
Was a nice cool day for it with a breeze.
Glad that one is over.
Hard work for sure!
Happy to have cleaned out some around here!
Now time to get the chest of drawers and closets in better working order.

Aunt Dot celebrated 90yrs Friday, July 31, 2010!
She is doing pretty good for her age.
Really it has only been in the last couple years she has developed some heath problems.
Up till then she had been a go getter!
Still cooks, cleanup kitchen, does laundry an looks after Uncle Ollie , 2 yrs her junior!
He has had some serious heal issues last 2 mths but doing better.

Here Aunt Dot is with our gift to her.
A joke one of sorts!
When she was asked what she would like for BD supper she said "oh I am happy with a peanut butter sandwich!"
She loves it and will eat it anytime for dinner or supper!
So DH picked up the biggest container(4 lbs.) he could find of the stuff.
I already had her bread.
She loved it an everyone there got the biggest kick out of it!

Course she got a special dessert from DH too.
Auntie does love her sweets.
So here is the Choc Trifle he made her (made with fresh brownies and Heath Bars) .
Trifle on the move!

So folks Happy Beginnings to ya!
Beginning a new month and beginning a new week!!!
....And Away we Gooooooo!!!!!!!


  1. Happy B-day to your Auntie! The trifle looks very yummy!

    Happy August to you too!

  2. Ha ha to funny on the peanut butter! Happy birthday to her!!
    I'm a want it now, do it now kinda girl too!!
    Happy August to y'all

  3. What a fun birthday for your auntie. And happy beginnings to you too my dear.

  4. I"m glad you got some rain. That was a cute gift idea for Aunt Dot. Of course, I like the dessert better!!!

  5. I think I am very hungry right now!!! That looks yummy. L,A-

  6. Happy Birthday to Aunt Dot! She looks fantastic for 90! Love your pb gift, so cute!
    Glad you finally got rain! Here's to a new month, almost time to start thinking about Christmas, well, actually it is time.

  7. happy birfday to aunt dot, bless her....that chocolate looks yummy, minus those flower brownies of course, haha it's been raining here all weekend as well, and only in the 60's. i'm loving it

  8. That young whipper snapper is Aunt Dot? No way! Many Happy Returns Aubt Dot. Will 4lbs be enough? That trifle looks all right. Yum! Ann :-)

  9. I love to have other desserts for birthdays. I get tired of cake. I've had a few birthdays of my own and have hubby's and four children's as well to bake for.

    Come by, won't you?


  10. Glad you finally got some rain! I can't believe the end of summer is nearing, way too soon. Your aunt looks very healthy and happy. Happy birthday to her!


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