Monday, August 4, 2008

I am call'n it..Retro Holidays!!

When my niece Diana and her BD pal Shirl,went to Williamsburg last weekend they also ribbon shopped!
Here is the 'Kool Yule' ribbon Diana bought for me!
Love this ReTrO SaNtA an SnOw GuY ribbon!!!!

I am pulling out what I consider 'retro vintage' items to use to decorate with this year..
Course I am the 'real' thing...50's retro vintage... haa!!!!!
Oh... okay back to the decor topic.!

Here are some stitched items I plan to use.
This Santa and Snow Guy were stitched up by my sweet Mama many moons ago.
They are pillow covers.
These, pic below,are vintage kits I have found thrifting that need to be stitched up!

This is one I made a quilted Holly Pillow...just have to put backing on it.

I still have a place in my heart for ruffles!!!

I also have 50's table clothes, aprons and some vintage plastic Santa and Snow Guy lite ups!
Got to get them all ready to go.
Now if I could find a silver tree with the color revolving spot light... haaaaaaaaaa!!!

Wonder if I should do some stockings from some old chenille spreads or table cloths...hummm.
I have some of the old red /white stenciled stockings from 40/50's...dig out time!

Isn't it FUN when you are not so serious about the holidays...just decorate for FUN!!!
I know I have decorated many 'styles' ... country, prim, all antique, traditional, brights, blue, white/cream/, oh my what ever!!
I pretty much have used the darker reds and greens Thimbleberries look past few years and still love it!!

This will be the first 'retro look'... or that is what I am calling it anyway! Just for a FUN FUN look!
It may just be a 'Mish Mash', that's okay the Monster wait that is Halloween!!!!!!


  1. I think I can finish the vintage piece you gifted me before Christmas!! lol

  2. ....weeellll I could BORROW it, just for this year...;-)

  3. Yes ma'am you are certainly welcome to it!! Thinking that's a good lunchtime project after school starts and my lunchtime is no longer so busy! Might need another one of those to work on.. 'cause I have nothing else to do. LOL

  4. Isn't the ribbon fab, Miss Lola? The moment D saw it she thought of you! I love your plan for a Vintage Christmas! I want a tour!

  5. Oh what great retro Christmas items!! I love it that you have the pillow covers that your
    Momma stitched! That is so sweet!
    Thank you so much for the blog award. Please don't think me ungrateful but I just don't know who else to pass the award to. Most of those who I know in the blog world have by now received it. But thank you so much for thinking of me! I am touched.


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