Saturday, March 12, 2016

Big Four Patch Blocks
I used a French General layer cake for this project. Forget which line.
Sewed up four squares into a big four patch. trying to keep a light dark opposite design in play.
Then measuring out three inches from center seam I made my four whacks!
Mixed up all the pieces so blocks are not the same.
Still trying to keep the darks and lights in different areas.
Finished block. I trimmed mine up to 17.5 inches.
I seem yo have issues sewing up the precuts perfectly! That wee zig zag edge gets me every time!
Still a very good size when laid all out.
My plan to add a 6 inch border in a pretty matching fabric with the dark red for binding.
Toile as backing if I have enough in my stash.

I just did these as I felt like sewing but I think this could be a one day top.
Would like to think this is my own idea but I am sure there is some one out there that has done it already.
Was thinking the same could be done with a 9 patch setting and cutting out your own 10 inch squares!
I have a lot of stash to use up and like the fast and easy at this point!


  1. Your blocks will make a lovely quilt...

  2. Neat design--and I have always enjoying that line of fabric--keep stitching--
    love and laughter, di

  3. Very nice! I love the fabrics and your layout is pretty.

  4. Very cool and so very you! I need to graduate to quick and easy instead tedious and time consuming!

  5. That French General is one of my favorite fabrics. That looks wonderful.

  6. What size blocks did you start with?

    1. Hope you see this Cheryl. You are a no reply poster. Used a pre-cut called a layer cake which are cut 10 inch squares.


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